About Us

Community Newspapers of Australia (CNA) is an association of newspapers and publishers charged with ensuring the success and growth of free newspapers within Australia.

We are represented by every major publisher in the country. These include Fairfax, Leader, NewsLocal, Quest and many others.

Community newspapers have unsurpassed coverage for advertisers looking to find a broad, affordable solution to promoting their product or service.

Our members are often responsible for supporting local events and are an integral part of their community.


Where we fit in the community

At their best local papers are catalysts for change in the community; forums for open discussion. Essentially community newspapers have a closer connection with their readers than other newspapers that, being more remote, carry less, or a different kind, of credibility with their readers.

Local newspapers are intensely interested and curious about their readers; identifying and understanding them in order to satisfy their informational needs and also to enable advertisers to know the market and meet its requirements. The good suburban newspaper seeks continually to understand the characteristic and behaviour, the habitats and inclinations of its readers; and in truth the interests, the passions and concerns of the community.

The community in turn shapes the paper. The letters to the editor page, for instance, has immediate relevance to readers for, while they are concerned on the wider and deeper issues of the broader community, and indeed the planet, what decision the council made about a certain development or the state of the railway service, or lack of it, it is of first importance.

A vital community newspaper draws its being from the community and equally gives back to that community. What is happening in the neighbourhood most closely concerns inhabitants; the local news of the week, the gossip, opinions, discussion, disagreement, the achievements of local heroes and heroines, these are what is grist to the mill. It is, unfailingly, week after week, a forum for the residents’ thoughts, suggestions and ideas; the views, criticism and complaints, not forgetting the praise! The local paper gets to the heart of the matter. It is the community’s voice.

The community newspaper has unerring instinct for what makes local news – it is a mistake to disparage this focus – and that is its very strength. In supplying authoritative, quality editorial that is backed up by strong marketing promotions it plays a role in the local community that no other publication can.



The objectives of CNA are to protect and promote the interests, rights, privileges and influence of the suburban press, and to promote mutual help and advice to its members.

The aims of CNA members are to project a better image of suburban newspapers and to make the newspapers more attractive to their readers.


Committee Members

Matt Zis


Matt Zis is a career local newspaper journalist, having worked as a reporter, editor, Chief of Staff and News Editor before becoming Editor-in-Chief at Perth’s Community Newspaper Group.
Since being appointed Editor-in-Chief in 2014, Matt has overseen growth in Community…

Anita Quigley


Anita Quigley is Executive Editor of NewsLocal, the largest community newspaper group in
Australia under the aegis of News Corp Australia. She has more than 25 years’ experience
as a print journalist and editor on metropolitan daily and national newspapers and

Phoebe Cook


In the advertising industry for more than 10 years, Phoebe’s experience stretches across a wide range of industries including, retail, motor, government and entertainment. Always having a passion for local communities Phoebe grew up in the North West suburbs…