What We Do

Community Newspapers Australia is an industry body comprised of community newspaper publishers across Australia totalling more than 180 mastheads plus their digital audiences.

We have by far the largest readership and reach across the country. We give communities a platform to speak to local, state and Federal government, acknowledge everyday heroes and celebrate community life. We are also instrumental in shaping reform and the future of our industry via our seat on the Australian Press Council.

Our objective is to protect and promote the interests, rights, privileges and influence of the community media and to promote mutual help and advice to our members.

At their best community papers are catalysts for change in the community; forums for open discussion. We not only clearly know our readers, but so do our advertisers. And, in turn, the community shapes our products.

CNA also maintains its own Code of Ethics (listed below) and expects members to operate in a fair and unbiased way.

Each year the Association runs its annual Awards for Excellence. These awards are held to reward and acknowledge the outstanding work done by publishers, journalists, photographers and graphic artists across our industry.


Code of Ethics

This Code has been prepared pursuant to clause 34 of the Constitution.

Members are expected:

  1. To conduct all business transactions and to publish suburban newspapers in such a manner that they do not discredit the suburban newspaper industry or those associated with them in membership.
  2. To watch over and protect the interests, rights and privileges of membership and to assist in promoting the greater efficiency and influence of the Australian Suburban Newspapers, in the Australian community.
  3. To foster co-operation and to disseminate news and information amongst members of CNA in all matters affecting their common interests, and endeavour to further the interests of suburban newspapers where concerted action might prove beneficial and effective.
  4. To co-operate with the Federal Executive and other members in regard to Government legislation, industrial relations and awards.
  5. To accept the decision of the Federal Executive in all matters relating to themselves and the Association provided however that such decision may be challenged at an Annual General Meeting or a General Meeting of CNA.
  6. To make available to CNA information concerning circulation figures, advertising rates, publishing dates and times and distribution boundaries and to notify CNA of all changes of distribution boundaries and other publishing details.
  7. To subscribe to and apply the Rules and Advertising Codes of the Media Council of Australia.
  8. To publish news and editorial opinion honestly, objectively and fairly and to provide a forum for the expression of reasonable community and reader reaction.
  9. To encourage editorial staff to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Australian Journalists Association.
  10. To correct where reasonably possible any published information shown to be incorrect or inaccurate.