Who We Are

Community Newspapers Australia currently comprises of more than 180 member mastheads representing virtually all of the major publishers across Australia. The two main publishers in Australia, News Corp and Fairfax Media, are heavily involved in CNA.

We have an Executive Committee which meets regularly to discuss relevant issues pertaining to community journalism and publishers and gives smaller mastheads a collective voice.


Committee Members

Matt Zis


Matt Zis is a career local newspaper journalist, having worked as a reporter, editor, Chief of Staff and News Editor before becoming Editor-in-Chief at Perth’s Community Newspaper Group.
Since being appointed Editor-in-Chief in 2014, Matt has overseen growth in Community…

Anita Quigley


Anita Quigley is Executive Editor of NewsLocal, the largest community newspaper group in
Australia under the aegis of News Corp Australia. She has more than 25 years’ experience
as a print journalist and editor on metropolitan daily and national newspapers and

Phoebe Cook


In the advertising industry for more than 10 years, Phoebe’s experience stretches across a wide range of industries including, retail, motor, government and entertainment. Always having a passion for local communities Phoebe grew up in the North West suburbs…